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I am a self driven and focused software engineer proficient in object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithm design, debugging skills, full-stack development, web & mobile application development, machine learning. I am seeking intern and full-time opportunities as a Software Engineer/Developer in the United States and willing to relocate everywhere in United States. #OpenToWork To know more, download my resume or contact me.

Work Experience

Backend Developer II

Nexient LLC., Ann Arbor, Michigan Sep 2021 - Present

  • • Working on development of Microservices using Event Driven Architecture with Kinesis, Hexagonal architecture.
  • • Developing and deploying Docker containers on Kubernetes ECS clusters using GitHub Actions
  • • Writing, Debugging and Testing (unit, functional, and performance) code in all application layers, including Back end micro service, middle layer (Service), and data access layer (Data) in a microservices architecture.
  • • Migrated and refactored legacy systems incrementally. Mimicking behavior while adopting new infrastructure. Regression testing, feature flags, data migrations, and output comparison ensure completeness.
  • • Migrated Order Management System from 1.0 to 2.0 based on Microservices architecture to handle the e-commerce order from different clients
  • • Implemented multiple modules and incorporated WSDL to decouple backend microservice.
  • • Design Camunda BPM flow for various process in single microservice and integrated it with Spring application and WSDL object to fetch data.
  • • Design Develop and Test Portal using Java/J2EE and Liferay Portal Technology.
  • • Work on Liferay Tomcat Server, Oracle database, including customized login for external dealer users and SSO for internal Admins.

Software Developer

Citi Group June 2021 - Sep 2021

  • • Experience in developing web applications using MVC’s Frameworks like Apache Struts 1.2, Spring 3 and handson experience with ORM Tool Hibernate 3.0
  • • Done code Refactoring for all the applications for self-developed code and in Peer review code Refactoring.
  • • Extensive experience in developing dynamic web pages using JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.4, JDBC, JavaScript, Tiles, JSTL, HTML, CSS.
  • • Migrated Order Management System from 1.0 to 2.0 based on Microservices architecture to handle the e-commerce order from different client.

Teaching Associate

California State University, East bay, Hayward, CA July 2020 - Present

  • • Created responsive assignments to student's needs in related to their C++ programming skills.
  • • Helping professor to develop assignment and project definition in course of CS201 (C++ programming language).
  • • Assisting undergrad students to understand working of code and structure of tree and linkedlis.
  • • Also helping them to understand various searching and sorting algorithm.
  • • Explained working of code for reading data from file and writing data to file in c++.

Research Assistant at iLab

California State University, East bay, Hayward, CA July 2020 - Present

  • • Explored how Computer Vision and Machine Learning can be used to assist the general public with situation awareness as it relates to Covid-19.
  • • Referred various research papers to experiment with their content and used some pre-trained CNN models to get the best accuracy with different kinds of data.
  • • Used a multi-faceted approach that explores different detection modules that would assist a user with understanding potential risks related to geographical locations.
  • • The lead of the Subproject of COVID ID dealing with Crowd Estimation using Computer vision and ML.

Software Developer

Porelab Scientific LTD., Vadodara, Gujarat April 2017 - May 2019

  • • Web and Application devlopment with various API's on Firebase and Google cloud for more interactive and user friendly applications.
  • • Worked with senior team for cloud based solution in AWS. AWS Lambda is used for Web development.
  • • Maintain active involvement in team for constant growth of company.
  • • Helping me to gain hands on experience in various languages like java, javascript.


California State University, East Bay

MS in Computer Science. August 2019 - May 2021

Started MS in Computer Science at California State University, East bay in August 2019. I am currently in my last semester and will be graduating in May 2021.

Relevant Coursework: Web Technology, Advanced Algorithm Design, Operating System Design, Advanced Computer Network, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Theory of Computation, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing.

GPA: 3.76/4

Gujarat Technological University

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering August 2015 - June 2019

Started my Bachelor's degree of Computer Engineering in 2013 and completed in 2017 with internships experience.

Relevant Coursework: Data Structures & Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming with C++ and JAVA, Operating Systems, Data mining, Database management systems, Web Technology , Advanced Java.

GPA: 8.39/10


Crowd Counting

|TensorFlow, Android, Python| May 2020

  • • A deep learning pre-trained model (EfficientDetD0) model is used for Retraining. I have used classification and detection for Crowd Counting.
  • • Training is based on three class low, med and high for classification. For detection, I have trained model with people and counting number of people in image.
  • • I have converted saved model to tf-light version, so that it can be integrated with android application.

GitHub Page

Multiuser Tour Website

|React, Nodejs, Javascript| Sep 2019

  • • Modern React front end framework is used and Nodejs for backend.
  • • Modern JavaScript (ES6, ES2017) including Promises and Async/Await, the DOM.
  • • Backend (server side) implementation via Node.js/Express, a bit of web security: TLS, encryption, secure hashes, protection of passwords, OWASP cheat sheets.

  • GitHub Page

Home Surveillance

|IOT, Android Studio, Python| Nov 2018

  • • Coordinated Raspberry pi 3B for loading operating system using python programming language.
  • • Also use PIR sensor to detect human activity in absence owner.
  • • Firebase database and storage is used. Firebase will send push notification if human activity found within range of PIR sensro.

GitHub Page

Leave Management System

|HTML, Javascript, PHP, NodeJS| Nov 2017

  • • Successfully build website using HTML, CSS and PHP as sophomore student project in Bachelor of Engineering.
  • • Implemented using Javascript(React) as front end development and Back end development using PHP.


Programming Languages

Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C/C++


Relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL) Non-relational (MongoDB, Firebase, DynamoDB).

Tools & Platforms

GitHUb, Atom, Android Studio, Jupyter Notebook, Eclipse.

Data Science

NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, Sklearn, NLTK.

Web Frameworks

React, Flask, Angular, PHP, NodeJS, ExpressJs, SQLAlchemy, SQLITE


AWS, GCP, Docker, Kafka

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